New Paintings

Jan 3 - Jan 29, 1987

Starting January 3rd, Chuck Dugan will have his third one-man exhibition at the Frumkin Gallery. His new paintings are more densely worked and vividly colored than those seen in his previous exhibition at the gallery and, while predominately abstract, the new paintings still show passages of recognizable imagery. Lunch at Leo's, for example, has a fragmentary still-life that emerges from the complex facets of the composition. Other paintings in the show have fleeting allusions t the artist's life, such as his experiences in the Air Force. The current exhibition includes six large-scale works from the past year as well as two small paintings.

The artist, who lives and works in Houston, will have his first major one-man exhibition in Texas this spring in Dallas. Chuck Dugan was included in the Fresh Paint exhibition which toured to PS.1 last year and American Art Today: Still-Life, organized by the Art Museum of Florida International University in Miami.

The Chuck Dugan exhibition will run from January 3rd to 29th. The Frumkin Gallery is open from 10 to 6, Tuesday through Friday, and 11 to 5:30 on Saturdays. The telephone is 757-6655.

Exhibition Checklist

1. Videophone, 1986
oil on canvas
30 x 35 1/2 inches

2. Heart Pump, 1986
oil on paper
40 x 52 1/4 inches

3. Man in Green Lead Suit, 1986
oil on canvas
119 x 78 inches

4. Nine S/P, 1986
oil on canvas
46 3/4 x 75 1/2 inches

5. Lunch at Leo's, 1986
oil on canvas
78 x 90 inches

6. Eight S/P, 1986
oil on canvas
76 x 59 3/4 inches

7. Hardware/Software, 1986
oil on canvas
96 x 156 inches

8. Big Foot Society, 1986
oil on paper
52 1/4 x 40 inches

9. The Uses of Magic, 1986
oil on canvas
90 x 78 inches

10. Armed Brain, 1986
oil on canvas
41 1/2 x 51 1/2 inches